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Past events

World Diary Expo Madison Wisconsin September 28 - October 2 2021

Booth 661-662-701-702
We are preparing something amazing for you this year, stay tuned and find out on our Facebook page why you absolutely need to check out our booth…

Lonestar Junior Extravaganza Wichita Falls, TX November 11-14 2021

We are very thankful for our dairy families in Texas who are incredible loyal towards 4-D Ag World and 4-D Ag Fashion. That is why we are proud sponsor of this amazing family event and will sell our clothing and calf jackets ON THE SPOT!

Dairy-West Boise, ID November 10-11 2021

We are looking forward to finally see our friends in Idaho again!

IDEAg Farm and Ranch show Amarillo Texas November 30 - December 2 2021

The only show where we do not need a hotel room!

World Ag Expo Tulare California February 8-10 2022

Booth DS 145 and our Fashion booth is inside of the diary building!

High Plains Dairy Conference Amarillo, TX February 1 2022

PDPW Diary convention WI March 16-17 2022

Booth 535

Central plains Diary Expo Sioux Falls, South Dakota March 29-31 2022

Arena building booth 483 and 484

XPO Canada April 6-7 2022