4-D Air Fans

Heat stress affects all living things. As humans, we are familiar with heat causing concerns such as being dehydrated and lethargic. Cows are not much different. In fact, studies have shown that its not uncommon for cattle affected by the heat to produce 20% less milk output. Before your herd shows signs of heat stress, come see our 4-D Air product range.

• Increased productivity
• Increased cow comfort

84"Direct drive exhaust3HP
84"Belt drive exhause3HP
78"Direct drive exhaust3HP
78"Belt drive exhause3HP
72"Belt drive exhause3HP3HP
55"Belt drive exhause1.5HP
16" - 36"Direct drive exhaust<0.5HP
84" / 72" / 55"Cyclone recirculating3 / 1.5HP
52"Panel fan, recirculating1HP
36"Basket fan, recirculating0.5HP
24"HVLS ceiling fan, recirculating2 - 1.5 HP