KeyDollar Manure Separators

The drive and experience

“At Keydollar we believe that the manure separator that the client receives need to contribute to the increase of the company results of the dairy farmer. This is why we not only supply a sound manure separator, but you will also receive solid advice from one of our manure processing specialists. The combination of the right separator and advice creates high returns and results for the dairy farmer. To attain the maximum results is therefore what we stand for at Keydollar. Keydollar invest a lot in manure separation technologies and advice, we do this from the standpoint of making it possible for our dairy farmers to get the best out of our machines.”

Keydollar Dry Bed

The Dry Bed is with its compact size and capacity the most reliable manure separator for dairy, pig and veal farmers, which are looking for a manure separator to separate slurry. The synthetic layer on the screw makes it possible to separate various kinds of manure for extended periods of time and without any problems!

Keydollar Agri XL

The Keydollar Agri XL is a manure separator which can produce a solid part product from slurry at a very high capacity. The Agri XL manure separator has an air driven head with 4 separate moving valves that provide a lot of counter pressure. Therefore the Agri XL can separate even the thinnest manure without any risks!

Keydollar Micro Vacuum

The Micro Vacuum is Keydollars latest innovation. This machine is able to separate pig manure and liquid fraction of other types of manure with great ease. The separator can also be used as a next step after a standard manure separator.

Mobile manure separator

The mobile manure separator by Keydollar is with its compact design and high capacity the ideal solution ffor dairy, pig and veal farmers that wish to separate their manure at multiple locations or store their slurry in various pits. Additionally, the mobile Agri-XL manure separator is the ideal solution for contractors that wish to separate slurry for their clients.

Keydollar Tri Rod

The Keydollar Tri Rod is a manure separator which can operate for 24 hours a day without complicated control panels. The simplicity of the machine and the ease with which the capacity can be increased, makes it an ideal machine for bigger cattle farms, as well as contractors and renters.